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when you mean it i'll believe it...♥
HG: Lose the boy with the bread...
anyone else effin' hate ticketmaster as much as i do? BLAH.

tootles! ♥
♥, k

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lol. :) glad to know i'm not alone.

seriously. what is up with presales anyway? they always release the crappiest seats for presales.

gosh, i know! it sucks!

i haven't gave in yet. i don't make enough to waste my money on craptastic seats. lol! if i'm paying 50 bucks a ticket i better get fantastic seats, darnit! LOL! i'm so mad right now. urgha! if it wasn't taylor i probably wouldn't mind but i really want to be able to take some decent pictures to use for school.

i know right! presales should equal the best seats ya got.

meh. i gave in and was like screw it, afraid that i would just get even worse and if i waited until general public that they'd sell out. since her uk/aussie tour sold out and la sold out so fast... had me worried.

when i talked to mom though and told her we got lower bowl row g she was like "ooh those are the elevated seats!" she's so weird she'd rather be farther away in elevated seats than on the main floor so you can see over people LOL!!! but at the arena that she's going to, like... there aren't that bad seats... and the elevated ones are the best actually vs the main floor ones... that's where i saw hilary duff the one time and we were farther back and they were awesome seats!!

i'm just excited!!! i've never seen her before! SQUEE!

my friend wanted me to get a ticket for her, um how about no. i'd emailed her a bunch of random stuff about taylor and stuff like when taylor announced tour dates and i saw the michigan one i was like "OMFG TAYLOR MICHIGAN DATE" and she never replied. and then i randomly mentioned it before how i sooo wanted to go. never said a word, THEN... when the ticket prices finally came out I was like "HOLY COW!!! TAYLOR WAS RIGHT ABOUT HAVING A PRICE CHEAP ENOUGH SO EVERYBODY COULD GO!"... she never replied to that either. so i dont' know if this is mean or whatever but, i figure her ship has passed on being able to go, unless she buys her own ticket... because seriously... if you don't make an effort to reply and say "can i go with you?" not just lj reply and say "I WANNA GO" and ask the date and then i tell you the date and then you say "i think i can manage that... i wanna go LOL"... uh no... sorry!!! but idk how to tell her that i couldn't since she got three tickets to see kelly clarkson for us, because i usually go with megan to see kelly and my friend was under the impression that just her and i was going and i was like "can you get three, one for megan too?" and she did... but we paid her for megan and my ticket, but she didn't give them to us... which she's done to me before, made me pay her right back days after, and then didn't give me my ticket, and the first time i was like mentally "whut, where's my ticket?!" and i should have said something this time becaus eemgan asked about her ticket because she wanted to see it (Because they're second row center) and i was like "uh she didn't give me our tickets..." and megan wa slike "But you paid for them!" and i wa slike "i know..."


I need to stop having friends, they irritate me way too much. Espec when all the issues come down to money things, it's like "Uh... wtf."

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